My Reviews from Music OHM

Below are a series of links to my some of my old reviews that I wrote for the Wonderful Music OHM website back in the day. Hope you like them.

Los Campesinos! – Romance Is Boring (Albums)
The Magnetic Fields – Realism (Albums)
BEAK> + Thought Forms @ Arnolfini, Bristol (Live)
Boo Hewerdine – God Bless The Pretty Things (Albums)
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Vertical Ascent (Albums)
Beach House – Devotion (Albums)
Burial – Untrue (Albums)
Prefuse 73 – Preparations (Albums)
Murcof – Cosmos (Albums)
Devastations – Yes, U (Albums)
St Vincent – Marry Me (Albums)
Shearwater – Palo Santo (Albums)
Liars – Liars (Albums)
Stuffy/The Fuses – Angels Are Ace (Albums)
Stuffy/The Fuses – Angels Are Ace (Albums)
Kelly Clarkson – My December (Albums)
Patrick Wolf @ Thekla , Bristol (Live)
Alan Tyler & The Lost Sons Of Littlefield – Alan Tyler & The Lost Sons Of Littlefield (Albums)
Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan @ St. George’s, Bristol (Live)
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly @ Academy 2, Bristol (Live)
The Boyfriends – The Boyfriends (Albums)
Junior Boys – So This Is Goodbye (Albums)
Transmissionary Six – Radar (Albums)
Lambchop – Damaged (Albums)
musicOMH New Music Guide: 9 (Features)
musicOMH New Music Guide: 3 (Features)
musicOMH New Music Guide: 7 (Features)
musicOMH New Music Guide: 5 (Features)
musicOMH New Music Guide: 12 (Features)
musicOMH New Music Guide: 11 (Features)
Espers – Espers II (Albums)
Darren Hayman + Bitchpups @ Meze Lounge, Newport (Live)
Grant-Lee Phillips – Nineteeneighties (Albums)
Cracker – Greenland (Albums)
Jane Taylor – Montpelier (Albums)
Stuart A Staples – Leaving Songs (Albums)
Discoteque Volume 1 – The Hacienda (Albums)
Scott Walker – The Drift (Albums)
Sol Seppy – The Bells Of 1 2 (Albums)
Howe Gelb – ‘Sno Angel Like You (Albums)
Steve Adey – All Things Real (Albums)
Billy Bragg – Volume 1 (Albums)
Storm Gordon – Someone To Dance With (Albums)
Belong – October Language (Albums)
Lori Carson – The Finest Thing (Albums)
The Durutti Column – Keep Breathing (Albums)
Jens Lekman – Oh You’re So Silent Jens (Albums)
Bee Gees – Love Songs (Albums)
Pellumair – Summer Storm (Albums)
Why? – Elephant Eyelash (Albums)
TATU – Dangerous And Moving (Albums)
New Order – Singles (Albums)
Mark Eitzel – Candy Ass (Albums)
Lene Marlin – Lost In A Moment (Albums)
Neil Young – Prairie Wind (Albums)
John Parish – Once Upon A Little Time (Albums)
Devendra Banhart + Espers @ Trinity Centre, Bristol (Live)
Archive – Noise (Albums)
Cagedbaby – Will See You Now (Albums)
Nate James – Set The Tone (Albums)
The Decemberists – Picaresque (Albums)
Flipron (Features)
Flipron (Features)
Cowboy Junkies – Early 21st Century Blues (Albums)
Stuart A Staples – Lucky Dog Recordings 03-04 (Albums)
Joseph Arthur – Our Shadows Will Remain (Albums)
The Posies – Every Kind Of Light (Albums)
Patrick Duff – Luxury Problems (Albums)
Duke Special – Adventures in Gramophone (Albums)
Malcolm Middleton – Into The Woods (Albums)
The Bad Machines – Telling Lies (Albums)
Smog – A River Ain’t Too Much To Love (Albums)
Scout Niblett – Kidnapped By Neptune (Albums)
The Go-Betweens – Oceans Apart (Albums)
The National – Alligator (Albums)
Flipron – Fancy Blues And Rustique Novelties (Albums)
Dr John – The Best Of The Parlophone Years (Albums)
Rev Al Green – Everything’s OK (Albums)
Peter Cincotti – On the Moon (Albums)
M Ward – Transistor Radio (Albums)
Patrick Wolf – Wind In The Wires (Albums)
Tara Angell – Come Down (Albums)
Elvis Costello & The Imposters – The Delivery Man (Albums)
American Music Club @ Fiddlers, Bristol (Live)