Music Submissions

If you have some music that you think I would enjoy listening to (and I am open to most things musically) I cannot promise to play everything you send me and please don’t send follow up emails as I receive a large number of emails for reviews  and playing on the radio show and I work full time and have five kids into the bargain!

I live in Wiltshire in England and don’t tend to do live gigs.

I am more than happy to play music from online sources including Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Email tony.h at  (at = @) and steer me toward your downloadable music on BandCamp, SoundCloud etc.

This is my soundcloud account and I collect tracks for the radio in playlists

If you do want to contact me then please email me at the following email address

tony.h at (at =@)

If you would like to post me anything to review (nothing beats getting music in the post) I can play most formats (DVD,CD, tapes and vinyl) the radio address is:

Tony Heywood

Panic Radio
Warminster Community Radio

Civic Centre Studios,
Sambourne Road,
BA12 8LB