About Panic Radio

My involvement in music has taken various forms from working in record shops, playing in bands, remixing, DJing in clubs, mobile DJing, blogging, writing music reviews both on and off line and now via the Panic radio show.

Panic Radio has been on air since April 2015 and two hours of music from outside of the mainstream.

Each week it features the following sections:

  • Guess the a-side – I play a b-side you guess the original artist and the a-side.
  • Junk Shop Track – I play something I have picked up second-hand somewhere on my travels.
  • Long Track – I play a long track, often over ten minutes in length an the end of the first hour of show and the start of the second hour
  • Location, Location, Location – I play three tracks from one geographical location. Can you guess what tracks I am going to play?

On Panic Radio I play a wide range of music with the first hour loaded up with guitars. This can include punk, folk, indie, metal, new wave, power pop, lo-fi, alt.country, freak folk, hardcore, post rock, goth, kraut rock, grunge,  and much more.

The second half of the show is full of BASS and tends to be more electronic. I play a mixture of techno, ambient, electronica, house, dub (electronic and old school), drum & bass, grime, hip-hop, jazz, soul, blues, neo soul, roots reggae, dancehall,  trip-hop, gospel and much more.

Profile on WCR FM – http://www.wcrfm.org.uk/people/heywood_tony.html

My Blog – http://highwayfive.blogspot.co.uk/

My Mixcloud Account – https://www.mixcloud.com/highwayfive/

A collections of the SoundCloud Tracks for this year below